Top Dollar Guide for Home Selling

Pricing the House Right

A Perfectly Targeted Audience– Most buyers who come to your house are good prospects: they are actively shopping for the product you are selling and your house probably already meets their general criteria.

A Captive Audience – The buyer is in your house and will probably spend up to an hour studying it.

An Opportunity to Make Multiple Impressions– Each room gives us the perfect opportunity to make dozens of “first” impressions. With each detail we will move the buyer from looking at your house to evaluating whether it could be HOME.

Homes are Purchased Based on Emotions…Love at First Sight

Only if buyers “feel” as if your house could be home can they determine if it will be – We will depersonalize the space and create “emotional connection points” to actively engage a buyer’s mind to imagine how life can be in the house.

Within fifteen seconds, buyers develop an attitude toward your house that is reinforced by everything else they encounter– Let’s make those fifteen seconds and first impressions positive!

When a house feels as if it could be home, buyers will intuitively re-prioritize their list – We’ll accentuate the positive and downplay the negatives in each room. We’ll create balance, warmth and cohesion by using easy decorating tricks of the trade.

Buyers Will “Profile” the Sellers In their Buying Decisions…

Neat and organized sellers take care of a home and vice-versa – We’ll de-clutter, organize, and accessorize those areas buyers use to profile “neatness”.

Nationwide, the typical homebuyer household consists of a married couple aged 36 with a household income of $71,300 – We will target these people in our style and décor so our “profile” fits.

Buyers Will View Your Personal Things, Impersonally

If you can’t see objectively, you can’t package effectively–We’ll put on “Buyer’s Eyes” in each room of your house.

Fran Mendelsohn
The Villages, FL