Professional Home Staging Will Benefit The Realtor

home staging The Villages, FL

Open houses and real estate listings are the two main ways buyers become aware of properties that are on the market.  When potential buyers are browsing through online listings or scanning real estate brochures, a well-staged home will immediately stand out from the others.

As a Real Estate Agent and expert in the industry, you owe it to your clients to have answers as to why their home is not selling or how they can get more money for their home.

You can do this by making a case for Professional Home Staging.

* Professionally staged homes sell over 50% faster and on average for 6-10% more–that’s quite a bit more money for you with a lot less headache

* In a Home Gain Survey of over 3500 Realtors, it was discovered that home staging typically provides a 196% return on investment–which translates to more money for you.

* Staged properties grow the agent’s business. Both satisfied buyers and sellers more frequently refer the agent who has professionally staged listings. Staging tells buyers and sellers that this agent markets their listings well.

* Working with a professional stager provides an objective third-party opinion. A real estate agent is in a difficult situation. Telling the client what needs to be done may be difficult while balancing the relationship. Professional stagers look at properties objectively and can address any questions, concerns, or objections from the client.

* Faster sales equates to less marketing expense and saving you time.

* With beautiful photos on the internet, your properties will have a competitive edge and be at the top of the potential buyers “must see” list.

* It strengthens your reputation amongst your colleagues–they will know they are not wasting their time showing your listings.

STAGE FIRST–Turn your Listings From “DRAB to FAB”

So They Will Sell Quickly For Top Dollar

Fran Mendelsohn
The Villages, FL