Selling Vacant Homes

Selling Vacant Homes 2017-09-30T13:17:55+00:00

Importance Of Staging
A Vacant Home

* Vacant homes sit on the market longer than even poorly furnished homes.

* Vacant homes appear cold, sterile, small and boxy.

* With no frame of reference in the form of furniture and accessories, a buyer is lost as to the size and purpose of each room. Vacant homes look smaller than homes that are furnished.

* Potential buyers’ imaginations are kept in the dark. For home sellers, that is a very bad place to be. We know that only 10% of buyers have the capacity to visualize the potential of a home.

* When homes are vacant, the sellers will appear desperate to sell quickly; thus, offers will be considerably lower than the asking price.

* Flaws in the home become extremely obvious and will make for a very poor first impression.

* The first price reduction will be far more costly than the cost of staging.

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